Further asbestos warnings for home renovators in Queensland

Asbestos Audits Queensland has released a new book called identifying Asbestos in your Home. The book warns home renovators of the risk of asbestos in floor coverings. The book which has been the recipient of Queensland government funding aims to assist homeowners and renovators identify any asbestos in their homes.

Brain Sketcher, author of the book and General Manger of Asbestos Audits Queensland, has said that prior to 1990, asbestos was used in all different types of floor coverings. Therefore floor coverings in homes built in and earlier than the 1980s have a good chance of containing asbestos.

This is extremely dangerous as many people are not aware that asbestos was used in their floors so they go ahead with maintenance or renovation work on their floor coverings causing serious health risks. Maintenance and renovation work on flooring such as sanding or grinding can lead to asbestos fibres becoming airborne and result in people inhaling asbestos particles. Such exposure to asbestos can lead to those people contracting asbestos related diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Due to asbestos related diseases being such a major health concern for Australia, some Australian states including Queensland and NSW have legislation in place to help people pursue an asbestos compensation claim, including both asbestosis compensation and mesothelioma compensation in Australia.

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