Asbestos delays New South Wales park clean-up.

The clean up of the asbestos contaminated Denison Country Caravan Park which was destroyed by Mulwala’s March 21 tornado has been delayed and is not set to start for weeks. This delay is due to tender documents being produced for the clean-up work.

Other areas in the Corowa Shire that were damaged by the tornado were cleaned up weeks ago. However now the major task is on rebuilding the homes and caravans at both the Denison County Caravan Park and Sun Country Holiday Village. While Sun Country is undertaking their own repairs, Denison Country is not because of the presence of asbestos at the site.

WorkCover NSW has confirmed the site to be hazardous; this is because exposure to asbestos can lead to people contracting asbestos related diseases many years later. These diseases include asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

The project has now been handed over to the New South Wales treasury as the resident’s insurance was not enough to pay the cost of clearing all the toxic asbestos. The work is expected to start within weeks and once started is going to be a quick process. The removal of asbestos is extremely important as Australia has one of the highest rates of asbestos related diseases in the world.

With the help of legislation in many Australian states including NSW, Victoria and South Australia, people suffering from asbestos related diseases in Australia have been able to receive asbestos compensation. Included in this compensation are claims for asbestosis compensation in Australia and mesothelioma compensation in Australia.

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