Australia Day award for mesothelioma research

Western Australian Professor Bruce Robinson has a dream to create a vaccine and a new mesothelioma treatment, which is the cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

While he continues to work hard toward his new vision, his past accomplishments have been recognised in this year’s Australia Day Honours list. Professor Robinson accepted the award humbly saying that Western Australia has the best asbestos researchers in the world and this award is about all of them not just him.

Professor Robinson and his team have achieved a lot of world firsts, including the world first blood test for mesothelioma and the first gene therapy. While their work is very sad as they are taking care of patients with asbestos related cancers which are often fatal, Professor Robinson has said this provides him with the motivation to keep on working toward his goals.

Research and support for mesothelioma is extremely important to reduce the number of people diagnosed with the disease as the number of new cases is expected to peak within the next decade. Many Australians have been affected by this condition.

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