The effects of asbestos are being felt worldwide

The Pakistan national legislature has decided it’s time to consider placing a ban on asbestos throughout the country due to its link to dangerous diseases and cancer.

Asbestos is extensively used throughout Pakistan as the country relies on the toxic material for the manufacture of a number of things including gaskets, roof coating and clothing.

Because of the heavy use of asbestos in Pakistan, there is a major concern that cancers such as mesothelioma will increase among industrial workers.

If Pakistan decides to ban asbestos they will be joining some 55 countries who have already placed a ban on the import of asbestos. Among these are Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Inhaling asbestos is extremely dangerous as it can lead to an individual contracting a fatal disease such as asbestos lung cancer, asbestosis or mesothelioma. Despite these health risks being internationally recognized, like Pakistan, both the United States and Canada have not completely banned asbestos.

However in Australia there is legislation in place to assist people in pursuing an asbestos compensation claims in Australia including both asbestosis compensation claims in Australia and mesothelioma compensation in Australia.

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