Asbestos discovered near Sydney daycare

Following the alarming discovery of two tones of asbestos sheeting metres from two inner Sydney child care centres, environmental watchdogs have been put on alert.

On Friday night, Fire and Rescue NSW were called into Wattle Lane, Ultimo. Located nearby were the KU Wattle Lane Children’s Centre and the Magic Pudding Centre on Mckee Street.

A spokesman from Fire and Rescue NSW commented that the asbestos material may have been dumped.

Asbestos fibres, when inhaled, can lead to asbestos-related conditions such as mesothelioma, asbestos related pleural disease and asbestosis. In order to prevent the inhalation of asbestos fibres, the asbestos sheeting was covered with black plastic and then sand.

A spokeswoman from the Environmental Protection Agency said that advice was provided to the City of Sydney Council on how to conduct a safe asbestos clean-up.

The city’s waste management depot is located about two blocks away from the dumping site.

The area is safe, but the public will not be allowed to access the lane while the asbestos removal process is underway.

Said a City of Sydney spokesman, “NSW police have cordoned off Wattle Lane between MacArthur Street and Mary Ann Street in Ultimo following the discovery of illegally dumped asbestos last night.”

It remains unclear who is responsible for the illegal asbestos dumping.

New South Wales has a high incidence of asbestos related conditions. Mesothelioma in New South Wales is unfortunately at a high level. So much so, asbestos claims in NSW are regularly pursued for those in New South Wales suffering asbestos conditions.

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