Asbestos contaminates a National Broadband Network site in Western Australia.

Telstra has stopped a contractor from working on a site for the National Broadband Network after asbestos-contaminated concrete was found scattered near a new Telstra pit in a front yard in Mandurah in Western Australia.

The asbestos contaminated concrete was discovered in France Street and there are fears that these fragments maybe disturbed when people mow their lawns and could then pose a serious health risk to the community. This could be the case as even minimal exposure to asbestos can lead to individuals contracting asbestos related diseases such as mesothelioma.

Telstra’s chief operations officer has spoke out saying that when the contractor had finished remediation of the pit in France Street in mid October, there was no concrete present like the kind that has been found now. The area has now been barricaded and Telstra is in the process of clearing the site by following asbestos handling procedures.

Mundurah asbestos removalist Dave Hargreaves has said that it is extremely important to be vigilant in removing asbestos as the fibre that causes serious health problems is microscopic. Proper asbestos removal is extremely important within Australia as the fatal cancer mesothelioma is expected to rise.

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