Money for mesothelioma in Australia

Funds have been granted through the Asbestos Innovation Fund to researchers to assist those people suffering from asbestos related diseases. Included in those selected were researchers from Queensland Mesothelioma Project, Southern Cross University and the University of Queensland.

Of the funds, $150,000 was granted to Dr Kimberly Stannard from the Queensland Mesothelioma Project to test a new mesothelioma treatment regime. $96,015 was given to Professor Rick van der Zwan from the Southern Cross University to investigate the changes a person living with an asbestos related illness including asbestosis and mesothelioma goes through. A further $45,800 was awarded to Professor Judith Bauer from University of Queensland to better understand the nutritional needs of people with mesothelioma.

While these costs are high, Australian Federal Minister Bill Shorten has assured the public that the cost of doing nothing would be much higher. This is the case because mesothelioma is expected to claim the lives of more Australians than the First World War.

Fortunately Australian states including NSW, South Australia and Victoria have legislation in place to assist those people needing to pursue an asbestos compensation claim, including both asbestosis compensation in Australia and mesothelioma compensation in Australia.

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