Australian risk concern over asbestos type exposure

In an ironic twist, it seems that health-conscious Australians may be at increased risk of asbestos exposure than their unfit counterparts.

A UK university has revealed that some nanofibres that are used to make gym equipment are similar in shape to asbestos fibres, which if inhaled can cause asbestos related diseases such as asbestosis and pleural mesothelioma.

Scientists have conducted tests, injecting various nanofibres into the lungs of mice. While they found that the longer fibres became stuck in the lungs resulting in inflammation, further testing is required to determine whether the nanofibres are dangerous to humans and whether they can have a similar effect to asbestos.

Before the use of asbestos was banned in Australia, Australia had one of the highest users of asbestos per capita in the world. Hundreds of cases of mesothelioma occur in Australia each year. Specific legislation has been implemented in numerous Australian states, including New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, to assist those suffering asbestos conditions to pursue an asbestos compensation claim in Australia or mesothelioma compensation claim in Australia.

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