Asbestos Authority in Australia called for

Australian unions are pushing for the creation of a National Asbestos Authority which will work to remove asbestos from homes and commercial and public buildings. Through the removal of asbestos, this authority will help protect people from harmful health risks that come from exposure to asbestos including the cancer mesothelioma.

Paul Bastian, the national secretary of The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, has fought against asbestos for a long time and is strongly pushing for this national authority to be established. He recognises that the huge amount of deaths and diseases that have been caused by asbestos exposure and the legal acknowledgement of these should be enough to show that something must be done to stop it.

Australian asbestos compensation claims, such as mesothelioma law claims, have been run in Australian Courts for many years. Various states, such as New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and West Australia have introduced specific laws to assist those suffering asbestos conditions claim asbestos compensation.

The Union believes what needs to be created to protect people from the dangers of asbestos is a federally funded authority. This authority will find asbestos, educate and raise awareness in the community as to which private homes, businesses and public buildings contain asbestos and then remove the dangerous mineral.

The federal government is being called on to make asbestos removal an extremely important national issue. This review is believed to be handed to the government within days and will probably recommend some kind of national authority. This authority will help to reduce the risk of asbestos related diseases and also reduce the number of people that will be at risk of contracting the cancer mesothelioma.

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