Asbestos discovered at Bathurst High School

Asbestos was discovered one metre below the soil of Bathurst High School in New South Wales. Work on their $7.4 million gymnasium was immediately halted, and the school principal, Mr. Hastings, notified all parents of the students via a text message.

The text message informed parents that the students had not been exposed to the asbestos, and as such, their safety was not at risk. The text also assured parents that the toxic substance had been safely secured by professionals. Parents were directed to the school’s website for any further relevant information.

According to Mr. Hastings, it is suspected that the asbestos was left over from the demolition of various houses from thirty years ago. Fortunately, over the thirty year period, the asbestos remained undisturbed and stagnant underground, as it was covered by soil and grass. This means that the students had not been exposed to this asbestos.

The asbestos was discovered during the excavation of the site in preparation for the new gymnasium. Fortunately the material discovered was the safest form of asbestos, and it was not disturbed upon discovery, due to its structure and the wetness of the soil. The asbestos has not posed a threat to any worker or student within the vicinity.

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